This band's already well known members decided together to start a new group and play Celtic Folk Rock.

Members are:
Enno Jakobs - Drums
Hans-Peter Kabbe- Lead guitar / Vocals
Jörg Ihnen - Keyboards/Vocals
Wiard Boomgaren - Bass/Vocals
Heike Tunder - Guitar/Vocals
Ingo Boomgaren - Vocals/Keyboard

In September 2008 Wiard Boomgaren, Jörg Ihnen,Jörg Saathoff and Enno Jakobs met in Halbemond to form an Oldie Band. The second time they came together for rehearsals, the idea came to play Irish and Scottish Folksongs - which soon developped into rocking versions of the originals.
In February 2009 the band had a short public appearance in the Aurich Markthalle.
In June 2009 Heike Tunder joined them, to play over the 2nd guitar and sing the female vocals.
In August 2009, Vathouse had it's first Celtic Night in Walle's Betonwerk.
Since September 2009 Kevin has joined them with his fiddle and Mandolin.

In November 2009 the band played at the Frühschoppen (Sunday morning get-together for a drink, sometimes with Live Music) in the Mittelhaus in Norden, and on November 28th in Aurich, Ostfrieslandhaus the "Celtic Night".

In 2010 Vathouse played in different locations in East Frisia (Ostfriesland), like Betonwerk Walle, Frühschoppen in Norddeich, Haus des Gastes, and an evening program at Markthalle Aurich, and established themselves making their name in the Celtic field.
They also played in Faircafè/Schortens-Grafschaft, at the Mühlenspektakel in Jemgum and took part in Norden Live (Mittelhaus,Neuer Weg).

In 2010 Vathouse brought their first CD to the market.
 Is is called "Going To Ireland". 
You can get it here: 

Now the 2nd CD ist available, it's called: "Feel the Vathouse" You can get it here:

In the Sprigtime 2014 Kevin left the Band. Our new Member ist  Ingo Boomgaren. He playes the Keyboards and he is a marvellous Singer.

In 2015 we had produced our next Album, it's called "The Rocky Road to Dublin."

In 2018 Jörg left the Band. Our new Guitarplayer is Hans-Peter Kabbe. He's playing the Leadguitar. His Musician Home is Blues and Rock.

Translation by Star*

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